Frequently Asked Questions

Dallas Premier Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is club volleyball?

A: Club volleyball extracurricular volleyball participation and most often refers to those teams that participate under USA Volleyball. Club volleyball is not associated with any school or college, but is made up of teams that register to play in scheduled USAV tournaments. These teams are most often grouped into clubs.


Q: What is Dallas Premier?

A: Dallas Premier is a competitive Volleyball Club for girls between the ages of 12-18. We exist to help these athletes achieve their goals, whatever they may be, by providing a place to compete at every level. We are primarily affiliated with USA Volleyball. For more information on the accolades, accomplishments, and current staff of Dallas Premier, refer to the “Why Premier?” page on the website. You will find it under the Club Information tab.


Q: How do I make a team?

A: Every year tryouts are held for all clubs. For information on tryouts this year, please refer to our website. We also will be having an informational meeting prior to tryouts. Tryouts are at the end of September and early October and the informational meeting is a week or two prior to those.


Q: Is there room on your teams for new players? Do you ever just take returning players or pre-select your teams?

A: We have open tryouts and take the best kids we can. The Region will not recognize offers until after tryouts and anyone who is promised a team spot before then has no guarantee that the clubs will honor that promise.


Q: I have had bad experiences at tryouts with other clubs, how is Dallas Premier different?

A: If you went to a tryout where you were not allowed to leave the gym without making a commitment to a team, if you were promised a spot and then not given one, or if you simply didn’t like the way you were treated, then the best thing to do is to take your business elsewhere. At Dallas Premier we are proud of our track record of honesty and character. If you receive an offer from us, we abide by the NTR policy of acceptance. We assess all athletes in an efficient and timely manner. We pride ourselves on knowing the players before they walk in the door and we believe that honesty really is the best policy.


Q: How much time is involved?

A: Tryouts are in September and October and all the teams start practice sometime after. The regular season is over in May, but those teams that qualify for the USA Volleyball National Tournament will compete through June. Practices are twice a week for most teams. At Dallas Premier we also have Friday club practices which allow athletes to train with coaches and other players not on their team. Each level plays approximately 10 weekend tournaments during the season, most of which are Saturday and Sunday. Some teams will also travel to one or two out of state tournaments.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Depending on the team’s practice and travel schedule, the cost can be between $2700 and $4500. The payments are made monthly through March.


Q: Is Dallas Premier a good club?

A: No, it’s a great Club! Sorry to be cheesy, but the point needs to be emphasized. Dallas Premier has consistently been one of the top clubs in the DFW Metroplex each year of its existence. Our staff has experience as both players and coaches. Many have competed in levels varying from high school to college and even at the International level. We are one of a handful of clubs in this region to be ranked in the top 10 in Texas by For more information on what we have accomplished, refer to our “Why Premier?” page.


Q: Where do you practice?

A: All practices will be held at the Volleyball Institute of Plano (VIP)

1909 10th Street, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75074


Q: What do I need to purchase in order to play volleyball?

A: If you make a team with Dallas Premier, all of your necessary equipment is included in the cost. If you are new to volleyball and you want to come to tryouts, most athletes will wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts or spandex, knee pads, and athletic shoes. You will not need to buy your own ball or any other equipment for our events.