North Texas Spectacular

March 25th & 26th, 2017


North Texas Spectacular will use Power Pool format for some of the Open age groups.

This format was approved for all Bid Events in the NTR by the Jr. Board of Directors and the NTS is proud to be the first Bid Event to utilize it.

How is the Power Pool format different?

A certain percentage of the top teams are pooled together for Pool Play on day 1.

All of these teams will automatically proceed to the Gold Bracket

The finish of these Power Pools determine the seeding for the Gold Bracket for these teams

The top teams of the other pools (Non-Power Pool) will proceed to the Gold Bracket.

All second place teams in the other pools will proceed to the Silver Bracket.

The teams in the Power Pools, teams in the Gold Bracket, and teams in the Silver Bracket will be considered to have met part of their qualification for Open Bid Regionals.

Teams who finish 3rd or 4th in the Non-Power pools will proceed to Bronze brackets and Flight 1 brackets accordingly

Play Schedule

18 Open Schedule
17 Open Schedule
17 Club Schedule
16O Power Pools Schedule
16 Open Schedule
16 Club Schedule
15O Power Pools Schedule
15 Open Schedule
15 Club Schedule
14O Power Pools Schedule
14 Open Schedule
14 Club Schedule
13 Open Schedule
13 Club Schedule
12 Open Schedule
12 Club Schedule

Playing Sites

18 Open ASC
17 Open Assault
17 Club Tejas
16 Open Winning Edge
16 Club Winning Edge
15 Open ACE
15 Club Tejas
14 Open ASC
14 Club Lone Star
13 Open Net Results
13 Club VIP
12 Open Net Results
12 Club Skyline

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Final pools will be posted Thursday night before the tournament

Please Note:
All facilities require admissions fees for tournaments and some facilities do not allow outside chairs.

North Texas Region certified officials will be provided for all matches.
Each team must provide a certified second referee (coach), 1 certified scorekeeper, scoreboard operator and Libero tracker as well as two lines persons for all assigned matches.