16 Black and 18 Black

16NationalThis week was a great success for our other teams as well. 16 Black won a Silver medal in the 16 National Division. Though their bid to be National Champs was only five points away, the journey and the fight in this group was no less than awe inspiring.  The unbelievable journey started with a sad note.  In the second match of the tournament, Brenna McIlroy sprained her ankle when she landed on an opponents foot.  Anyone who knows Brenna knows how big of a blow this was for the team. She would not play for the rest of the week. However, in true Premier fashion, the girls rallied around their training, their team, and their character to gut out a third place finish in pool to stay alive. Over the next two days every single match went to three and the girls proved what they could do. Continually fighting, they made it all the way to the finals and came up just short in the third set. We could not be more proud.




18nationalThe 18 Black team was also successful in their run at Nationals. This team was written off by the volleyball community from the start. Labeled as having an inexperienced coach, cast off players, and rejects, they proved everyone wrong. Bryan led this team to big wins this season that no one saw coming. They beat Summit (the team that ex-Premier kids thought worth leaving for), they beat TAV Blue (Bryan’s father’s team and two time qualifier), and took a set off of the eventual Open National Champs TAV Black (a feat only one other team could manage in our region). They qualified ahead of teams like Excel (who sat at home this week unqualified with girls who thought that grass was greener) and proved what our system, coaches, and kids can really do. They were able to go into Nationals and improve their seed several spots by finishing 18th and we are very proud of them and can’t wait to see what those seniors are able to accomplish at the collegiate level.

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