Age Group Clinics

COVID Compliant – All participants must adhere to club and facility guidelines.

We will have measures in place to ensure continued safety for both coaches and our athletes.

To help minimize spread, we will continue to refer to guidelines and protocol provided by the CDC and local health officials in the areas we serve. We are also following all recommendations published by city and state government, USAVolleyball Return to Play, and adding some extra precautions of our own.

VIP will be operating below 25% capacity at all times.

Dallas Premier staff will have three (3) non-contact infrared body thermometers. We will check all temperatures multiple times. If we receive a reading above 100.3 degrees, that person will not be allowed to inside the gym.

All Dallas Premier Coaches are required to wash hands between each session. 
Soap will be provided and all participants will walk directly to the restroom for prompt hand washing.
Coaches are also required to have a face covering. Face masks are also recommended for players during any gym activities. 
Volleyballs will be cleaned between events (lessons, clinics, practices, etc)
We will schedule breaks to allow time to disinfect the volleyballs and wash hands.
We ask that faucets and doors are touched using a paper towel as a barrier. 
Please sanitize volleyball shoes at home prior to attending any gym activities. 
Should coughing, sneezing, or heavy breathing occur we ask you do so into your shoulder or armpit. (Generally we don’t want our players playing balls with their armpits so that’s a nice place to tuck away any respiratory particles). 
Refrain from touching your face/face mask.
Spectators may be allowed if space allows.
Exposure time in the gym is recommended for a max of 3 hours.
Premier Staff will ensure that all facility policies are being followed. 
Athletes will not be allowed participate if they or their family members do not comply with our policies.

We would like to keep this process paperless to reduce the potential spread of the virus.

All participants must have COVID release completed before entering the gym. There will be no forms to complete at the gym.

Face to face payments are not recommended and to avoid CC fees, we gladly accept Venmo and Zelle payments

Please register in advance to attend. Walk-ups may be denied if numbers exceed 25%.

Register Here    

All those that enter facility are doing so at their own risk.