Coaches Corner

New this year, Dallas Premier Mizuno will periodically post articles written by our coaching staff or other significant articles that may help you understand this crazy world of volleyball.

Here is this weeks article. Take a moment to find out if you are a CHAMPION…Enjoy!!


Champions arrive early and stay late, they know what they are there for! They don’t have to be told five times to do something or be given a five minute lecture on how to do it. You give them a challenge and they get it done. There are people who work at 50% of their ability and who are successful. There are those who give 100% of everything they have got and barely make it. Which one do you want to be? Do you want to be that person that walks off the court at the end of a dame, win or lose, knowing that you gave everything you had? Do you want to be that person that walks off of the court at the end of practice, good or bad, knowing that you just worked as hard as you could to become a better player? OR, do want to be that person that gives enough to just get by? Everything and anything that you do and every time you do it, make a point to do it to the very best of your ability because its the right thing to do.

– Unknown

“Getting Off On The Right Foot: The Importance of Team Chemistry from the Beginning”

The beginning of a new club season has arrived and a hum of excitement is in every gym around the region. New faces, familiar faces, all coming together for a fresh start and the beginning of something great. At this point no one knows what lies ahead; instead it is only what we make it. But we must not let this emotion slip away without utilizing its potential.

For some Dallas Premier teams a core group of girls have stuck together and made the transition into a new season together. For other teams, a new, fresh blend of players are coming together for the first time. This dynamic is something to capitalize on in the first two weeks of the season. We have worked to bring every player together, completing the Dallas Premier Boot Camp, to share the benefits of each scenario club-wide. The young or fresh faces are now part of a new family, and look towards the core players as leaders. They will learn social norms and standards of operation expected by the Premier family. The experienced players are refreshed by the change and are reminded that with a new season comes new possibilities. That last season is over, despite the victories and losses, and with these two weeks must come forward development and new goals.

The Dallas Premier Boot Camp enabled every player to see the entire family. It allowed the youngest to marvel at the oldest, to see what could become with hard work. The rookies were able to make it through tough conditioning and high paced drills because they saw this as a standard, demonstrated by the older, more advanced teams. Likewise, it reminded the veterans the importance of fundamentals and zest for the game and the impact it can still make on every player. At no point should a veteran ever feel content. Rather, they should remember that it takes a little excitement and butterflies for your game to become your best. On either front, becoming an elite athlete is a constant evolution and sometimes development comes from the most unexpected places.

Opening the season in the way we did brought us together as a close-knit unit. The familiarity, the feeling of belonging, and the realization that there is so much room to grow as you watch the players around you, is something that will be carried through the entire season. A girl will work at her best when she feels she is needed, she belongs, and she has a purpose for growth. With the opening of the season I believe we accomplished this and now we must get to the daily grind. Harvest the excitement, soak in the global experience, and use it as a springboard forward to become your greatest player.