How are we handling COVID-19?

At Dallas Premier we are doing our best to provide as safe an environment as we possibly can. We understand the concerns with COVID-19 and we want you and your families to feel safe. We have families as well and would not want to risk their health or well-being for anything. My wife and I will take care of your children and treat them like our own.

We ask that all participants wear masks on and off of the court. Adults including Staff and Parents will wear masks while in attendance. We understand that this is not always the popular opinion but everyones safety is at the top of the list for this strange season we are about to jump into.

Anyone attending a Premier event will be greeted with a thermostat and hand sanitizer. Temperatures 100.3 and above will not be allowed in the buildings. Temperatures in the 99 range will be asked to wait and checked again to see if temperature falls within safe guidelines as provided by CDC and local officials.

We are one of the only clubs making all players to use hand sanitizer at every water break. We have purchased plenty of sanitizer for this reason. All balls are sanitized before each session for safety as well.

Moving forward with the season, we will continue to take all safety precautions as needed to continue to provide a safe environment for all.

We also understand there may be lots of concerns and reservations when it comes to gearing up for another season. With the possibilities of cancellations with air and hotels as well as delays in tournament start dates those reservations are genuine and they are our concerns as well. Your headaches are our headaches too!

Many of you may have a fear of financial risk for the upcoming season. You are not alone, we feel that the risk as well. We believe that risk should not be solely placed on the families and that it is a shared risk with Player and Club. We will have a contingincey plan in place on how to handle a situation like last year, if it arises.


Stay Safe,

Rhae and Geoff Kiessling