Parent Testimonials

Name: Bonnie Davis      

Player(s): Kaitlyn 16, Lindsey 16, Mackenzie 18            

High School:  Plano East Senior High

Clubs Played for: Victory, Nortex, Madfrog and Premier

For the last 5 years we have had multiple daughters playing club volleyball and at the start of each club season we searched for what we hoped would to be the best club experience for each of our girls.  Last year was our first year with Dallas Premier, and honestly it was the best club season we have ever had for all of our girls.  From the moment we attended our first pre-tryout clinic with Premier we could tell that the coaches really cared about them and their development as a player.  As a parent, I felt the director and the coaches were very honest about where they thought our girls fit in to the program.   We loved the way Premier invested in our girls by providing excellent training opportunities, a sense of commitment to their players and the overall family environment that exists within the club.  We sincerely hope to finish out our last few years of club in the Premier family.

Name: Jennifer Cline

Player(s): Catie Cline 18

High School/College: Playing for Lindsey Wilson College

Clubs Played for: Played for Premier for 3 years, left for 1

At the age of 13 my daughter started club volleyball.  We were told by the high school coach that there was NOT a difference in club experiences in the North Texas Region.  So… we started at a small club in Rockwall.  As my daughter started her freshman year we discovered she was wrong!  You do get what you pay for.

My daughter started at Premier as a freshman on the referral of a high school teammate.  When we arrived Catie was scared to death.  Fortunately, she was pulled into a group and began learning what it was like to be a Premier player.  She quickly fell into working on proper technique and the fundamentals of her position.  This was unlike the club she was coming from.  When we came back for another clinic we quickly realized that every clinic would be intense and fun.  Catie learned to excel at her position and love the sport of volleyball.  Premier became the place Catie called home.  Catie did spend one season away from Premier.  What she discovered was a cut throat environment that didn’t foster teamwork and family.  Catie was very happy to come back and finish her senior year with the club she called family!

Name: Sharon Harris

Player: Emily Harris

High School: Southlake Carroll

Clubs Played for: TAV (3 years) Skyline (4years) Premier (1 year) top team all years.

Emily had a good experience through all her volleyball club years. Like everyone, there have been good surprises and some not so good.  Em left TAV when her sister did  because her sister’s  experience had been pretty bad that last year despite winning the JO National Division.  With hindsight I would say we probably would have left Em there but she still wanted to hit and that was not going to happen on TAV’s top team.  Her Skyline years were good, all coaches save maybe her last making her a better player. When Skyline told Em her final year would include very little playing time while she was concerned with getting reps to play for NC State, to whom she had already committed, we knew a change was necessary.  Honestly, we were surprised at how they treated her during that tryout period after the many years of commitment there.

Premier was able to offer Emily everything she needed. We were lucky that some room had opened up on that team and that the girls were so welcoming because it was a stressful time to make a change. I was open and honest with the coaches and Steve and they, in turn, did not blow a bunch of smoke and tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. The team did not finish as well as they liked or should have but, for the most part, it was a great learning experience and a happy finish to her club career.

I will be honest. If I had a young daughter, I would try her out at TAV. They have the best coaches and the most connections. But if you aren’t on their top team, walk away. The staff at Premier will give your daughter more attention and care more about her.  I truly liked Steve’s approach to the season as far as team building and training.  I thanked Steve on our way out the door and hope he knows that, even though are time there was short, it was a huge boost to Em in many ways preparing her for her next tough road.

P.S. Steve’s only fault, like most men, is that he doesn’t listen enough to Annie who knows all…

Name: Scott Marshall

Player: Abby Marshall 

High School: Dallas Christian / 8th grade

Clubs Played for: Premier

Our first experience with Premier was the annual meeting before tryouts in October 2012.  I was the only one from our family that attended the meeting and when I left I called Abby.  I told her that I thought I had found exactly what we were looking for.  Abby was 11 years old at the time and this was going to be our first experience with club volleyball.  She had been to two other clubs to participate in their pre tryout clinics and off season programs but when Abby went to her first Premier pre tryout clinic she absolutely loved the way the clinic was run and how the coaches all were positive, giving great feedback and instruction.  After that, Abby knew that she wanted to try out for Premier.  Abby has learned so much from the coaches at Premier over the last 2 years and has thrived in the family atmosphere that Premier provides.  Our family would highly recommend Premier if you are looking for a club that loves kids as much as they love volleyball.

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