Anytime is a good time to improve your skills and you know that you could do it with just a little more instruction.

Sometimes you need some very specific attention on improving your jump serve, your defensive tenacity or maybe your setting location is a little off. Or maybe you want someone to toss up a thousand balls so that you can pound them for an hour.

Whatever you need, private and semi-private group lessons are a proven technique for improving your game.

Our instructors have given thousands upon thousands of lessons so we kind of have this figured out.

If you would like to set up some lessons please email the coaches directly. If you are not sure who would be the right fit, please email here and we will guide you in the right direction.

If you would like to set up some lessons please select a coach send them an email. All lessons are contracted with each coach. Prices and availability are set between you and your coach.

(More coaches coming soon)

Jocelyn Kapp – jocelyn.c.cortes@gmail.com

Geoff Kiessling – g.kiessling@dallaspremier.org

Rhae Kiessling – r.kiessling@dallaspremier.org

Daley Krage – daykrage@gmail.com

Anthony Nguyen – ant.nguyen23@gmail.com


Madelyn Paul – madelyn.paul@gmail.com

Tien Phan – tiencaophan96@gmail.com

Marquise Pierson – mrpierson26@gmail.com

Kelsey Weeden – kelseylweeden@gmail.com

Typical Private Lesson Rates Range from $50.00 – $80.00