Recruiting Information

Dallas Premier is committed to developing the best volleyball athletes in the DFW area and preparing them to play at the next level.  If your athlete is committed to playing volleyball in college, we are committed to helping her achieve her goals. Below we have accumulated information that should help ease the navigation process.

If you have any questions regarding the recruiting process, please let us know using the email below.

We will host a recruiting meeting once a year. This meeting is Mandatory for all 15’s – 18’s.

All recruiting correspondence should be sent to the following email:

With a 100% success rate of athletes wanting to further their careers in college, we kind of got the hang of this.

Important Information:

Selecting a college:

1) Does this school specialize in your academic and career interests?

2) Does this school fit the geographic lifestyle I would like to have? Too close? Too far?

3) If you did not get to complete all four years of eligibility for volleyball, would you still want to attend this school?

4) If you graduated from this school, would it benefit you?
[NEW] NCAA College Volleyball Database

Things to do…

1.  Player profile: (We do this for you, you make sure information is correct)
Approach Touch
Class rank and G.P.A
Awards and any other interesting tidbits
If possible a link to footage online


2. YouTube/Vimeo Video
Update Frequently


3.  Recruiting Notebook
a.  File all letters received from colleges alphabetically

b.  Maintain a record of activity for each school on a spreadsheet

c.  List all schools on a spreadsheet and contact top 5 schools weekly.

d.  At the beginning of each month e-mail your updated spreadsheet


4.  Create a website* optional  (We will link to our online profile)
If you have your own website you can send this to coaches.

a. Accomplishments

b. Bio

c. Media Highlights

d. Upload Game Footage

Check with Guidance Office and College Board / ACT Web Sites to Confirm Dates and Registration Procedures.

All SAT and ACT test scores must be reported to the clearinghouse directly from the testing agency. Test scores will not be accepted if reported on a high school transcript. When registering for these tests, input the clearinghouse code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported directly to the clearinghouse.

SAT & ACT Test Dates



SAT Info






ACT Info




Register: NCAA Eligibility Center Cost $65.00

Note:  Credit recovery and correspondence course do not count for NCAA core!

 Finding college information:

NAIA schools:
Junior Colleges:

 For many schools you will find the coaches contact information in the “Staff Directory” link on each web page.


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