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This is the Personal Post of the Dallas Premier Owner

October 12th, 2015

The first tournament is in our rearview mirrors the reality of the Holiday season lies ahead and the bulk or our season looms on the horizon. After the first tournament, I am proud to report that 9 of our 12 teams improved upon their seed at the Kickoff Classic. The three that did not, finished at or within 2 places of their seed and three teams finished 6 spots or higher. All in all, we had a good showing.

Although the temptation will be, by some, to knee jerk react to playing time or results, please remember that the season is a long one and the improvement comes slowly and gradually. The coaches are excited to get back to work and we all look forward to the New Year’s Classic.

We will be practicing every normal scheduled day throughout the holidays with the exception of Christmas day. Happy Holidays to everyone, we are certainly grateful for every member of our Premier family.