Wednesday – Positional Clinics

Middles & Setters will focus on the disciplines of hitting and setting individually as well as together. Participants are welcome to train in each position, or choose one. Middles will focus on their arm swing, approach, blocking as well as transition and timing. Setters will work on their hand shape, footwork, delivery, tempo and location of each set.

The use of multi skilled drills will be performed to simulate game experience, while keeping the focus on the individuals development.

DS and Libero clinics are designed for the player looking to improve their ball control game from digging to passing! The focus will be on movement and platform as well as importance of defensive pursuit.

Outside hitters and Right side hitters will be challenged through serving, attacking and blocking. The focus will be on producing a all around attacker by teaching them a variety of hitting options. All participants will be encouraged to attack from both positions to improve their overall performance. OH/RS & DS/Liberos will focus on the disciplines of digging and passing individually as well as together with serving and serve receive drills.

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