Workout Schedule – Round 3

Round 3  –  Workout #17 May 18th
(Please have these workouts completed at least 2 days in advance by 3:00pm)

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm-up: (3 rounds)        Player(s)
20 toe touch         Sierra 17B
10 push ups          Vi 17B
30 flutter kicks          Maya 17B
Strength          Player(s)
Core Strength: 3 mins high plank / 1min rest    Jordan 17B
2 mins left side high plank / 1 min rest      Claire 17B
1mins right side plank / 1 min rest      Sally 17B
*Time during planks is accumulate not unbroken     
*14 Red and under: do between 90sec – 120sec each round   
Conditioning 8 rounds: in 75 sec perform:    Player(s)
60 single rope jumps        Maya 17B
4 jumping squats          Niah 17B
Remaining time: lateral burpees over object    Sierra 17B
Rest 45 sec between rounds         

*14’s and under: do 40 single rope jumps


Round 3  –  Workout #18 May 19th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Start with 5-10min of mobility and stretch     
Warm up: (3 rounds)       Player(s)
5 air squats          Westby 13B
5 knee assisted pushups        Robertson 13B
5 jumping jacks          Cheek 13B
Strength: (4 rounds)        Player(s)
10 alternating split squats w/3sec hold at the bottom  Val 13B
10 alternating split jumping squats      AJ 13B
10 alternating Cossack squats      Potter 13B
Rest as needed between rounds       
Cossack squats video: 
Conditioning         Player(s)
AMRAP for 10mins of: (As many rounds as possible)   
10 thrusters          Crowell 14R
5 burpees          Cheek 13B
10 alternating lunges        Knutson 14B
5 burpees          Grigsby 14B
Conditioning As fast as possible. Should only have 25sec to do lateral burpees
Rest 5min then;           
AMRAP for 10mins of:        Player(s)
10 ground to overhead weighted odd object    Krause 14B
5 plank burpees          Bush 14B
10 weighted half swings        Spitzenberger 13B
5 plank burpees           
Thruster video: 
Half swing video:
Ground to overhead video:
Cossack Squat: Movement Library      
Odd Object Thruster        
Odd-Object Swing Movement Demo      
Ground to overhead        


Round 3  –  Workout #19 May 20th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Start with 5-10min of mobility followed by 10min stretch 
Strength:         Player(s)
EMOM 10mins           
5 Hand release push-ups        Connally 16H
10 Alternating Shoulder Taps        Williams 16H
*Perform both movements at the start of every minute and rest the remaining time 
*15 and under Scale down to 3 hand release push ups   
Conditioning:          Player(s)
AMRAP 12min:           
6 Odd Object Devil Press        Nott 16H
12 Alternating single arm V-Ups      Taylor 16H
*Odd object can be the Dallas Premier backpack with water bottles 
*Weight should be moderate         
Odd object devil press video: 
Single arm V-Up video: (edited)
Hand Release Pushups        
Backpack Devil Press (Odd Object)      
Single Leg V Ups          


Round 3  –  Workout #20 May 21st

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up          Player(s)
10 Alternating Perfect Stretch        Olivia 17R
10 Alternating Samson stretch then:     Keagan 17R
2 sets of:           
10 right leg reverse lunge to high knee      Kaylee 16B
10 left leg reverse lunge to high knee then:    Holder 16B
10 Good morning (use a broomstick or PVC)    Avery 17R
10 Bootstrappers          Jayla 16N
Strength 4 sets:          Player(s)
20 Alternating reverse lunges w/ weighted backpack  Nguyen 16R
10 Alternating lateral shuffle       Vu 16B
Perform an airsquat jump after each shuffle    Vu 16B
Rest 1min between sets         
*NO WEIGHT for lateral shuffle and airsquat jump     
Conditioning          Player(s)
Every 6 min for 6 rounds: 400mts run 25 air squats Beca 16B


Round 3  –  Workout #21 May 22nd

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up          Player(s)
For 6 minutes:           
20 jumping jacks          Shep 16B
12 hollow rocks          Burrow 15B
10 squats          Edwards 16R
Hollow rock video: 
Conditioning          Player(s)
6 sets every 2min           
40 jump ropes          Peden 15B
10 jump over object        Johnson 15B
Rest 3min           
AMRAP 12min:          Player(s)
3 Burpees to target        Zhang 15B
6 Hand release push ups        Merkel 15B
9 Jumping squats          Glaeser 15B
*Burpees should touch chest and hips to the ground before going up 
*Choose a target around 4”-6” above your higher reach   
Burpee to target video:


Round 3  –  Workout #22 May 25th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up           Player(s)
2 sets of:           
20 high kicks          Peterson 16R
20 butt kickers          Larson 15B
10 sit ups          Vi 17B
then:           Player(s)
5 inch worm in place        Sierra 17B
10 samson stretch          Claire 17B
10 perfect stretch          Maya 17B
Strength          Player(s)
3sets of:             
6 Alt weighted cossack squats w/ a 3sec pause at bottom  Niah 17B
12 Right side plank arches        Sally 17B
12 Left side plank arches        Jordan 17B
12 glute bridges with a pause on the top    Olivia 17R
Conditioning          Player(s)
6 rounds of:           
5 Dio’s Fitness Complex        Keagan 17R
10 V-ups          Vu 16B
*Dio’s Fitness Complex: 1 right leg lunge 1 left leg lunge 1 airsquat 1 burpee 1 burpee tuck jump


Round 3  –  Workout #23 May 26th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up          Player(s)
3 sets:             
30sec front plank          Beca 16B
20 jumping jacks          Shep 16B
5 pushups          Holder 16B
Strength          Player(s)
Tabata 8 rounds:          Kaylee 16B
20 sec flutter kicks          Nott 16H
20 sec rest           
then:            Player(s)
Tabata 8 rounds:          Kaylee 16B
20 sec hollow rocks          Nott 16H
20 sec rest           
Conditioning          Player(s)33
On a 7:00min clock x 2 rounds:       
21 hops over object        Taylor 16H
12 odd object thrusters        Williams 16H
21 hops over object        Connally 16H
9 odd object thrusters        Jayla 16N
21 hops over object        Edwards 16R
6 odd object thrusters        Nguyen 16R
Rest 1 min           
On a 7:00min clock x 2 rounds:      
21 hops over object        Peterson 16R
6 odd object thrusters        Burrow 15B
21 hops over object        Merkel 15B
9 odd object thrusters        Johnson 15B
21 hops over object        Peden 15B
12 odd object thrusters        Glaeser 15B
21 hops over object         Zhang 15B


Round 3  –  Workout #24 May 27th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up           
10 min body mobility and stretch       
Strength          Player(s)
5 sets:             
5 weighted tempo squats (3 second down, 3 second at the bottom, 3 second going up and 1 second at the top)  Larson 15B
5 air squats (not weighted)        Bush 14B
5 max jump air squats (not weighted)      Knutson 14B
Rest 1 min between sets         
Conditioning          Player(s)
10 mins run           
5 rounds of:           
5 Russian Odd object swing        Krause 14B
10 knee assisted pushups        Grigsby 14B
15 air squats          Cheek 13B
10mins run          


Round 3  –  Workout #25 May 28th

Remember to Wear a Premier T-Shirt and Film Sideways
Warm up          Player(s)
3 sets: 10 alternating shoulder taps      Crowell 14R
20 high kicks          Westby 13B
20 high knees          Robertson 13B
20 butt kicks          AJ 13B
10 bootstrappers           
Strength          Player(s)
5 rounds of: 20 alternating shoulder taps (weighted)  Val 13B
10 knee assisted push-ups (weighted)      Potter 13B
5 low to high plank push ups :30sec high plank (weighted)  Spitzenberger 13B
*14 Red and under no weight       
Low plank to high plank video: 
On a 15min clock perform as many rounds as possible of:  Player(s)
20 mountain climbers        Vi 17B
6 Airsquat hop over object        Sierra 17B
3 plank burpees :20sec rest        Niah 17B
Airsquat hop video: 
*Do airsquat hop jumping forward/facing the object   
*Airsquat should be all the way to the bottom as always  
High to Low Plank Exercise        
Air Squat Hops Over Object Demo      

If you have any questions regarding what a skill might be, please contact Dio – for explanation.